028: The Power of Story – how to craft an amazing adventure for yourself

It’s funny how the things we most crave are the things that hold us back the most.

It’s like that with almost everything if you think about it. We crave chocolate, but want to lose weight. We want to be a sports star, but prefer to sit on the couch.

And we want to live an amazing story, but we’re making all the wrong choices.

I know. I’ve been there. In fact it’s still something I fight every day. But now that I know the basics of what makes a story worth living I’m able to write better stories with my life. As a result I’m able to live more inspired, more fulfilled, and more free than ever.

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027: Making the leap from Corporate America to online entrepreneur (with Caleb Wojcik)

Jen_Wojcik_Photography-26 smallerCaleb was on the fast track to success.

He dedicated his collegiate career to building a glowing resume complete with internships, grades, and extracurricular involvement. He parlayed that momentum into a secure job at a multinational American company (Boeing). From there he worked hard to earn his MBA on the side.

All signs point straight to the top for Caleb.

But then the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008. For the next three years Caleb watched his secure company lay perfectly good people off from jobs they depended on.

Suddenly even his MBA didn’t make him feel secure about the ladder he was climbing (or the building it was leaning on).

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026: Three Apps I Use To Fuel My Success

You know when you’re walking down the street to lunch and BAM, there’s that insight you’ve been hoping for. Isn’t that an awesome moment of revaluation?

And isn’t it equally annoying when it’s gone before you can find a way to jot it down?

Deep moments of insight into who we are and the problems we’re solving don’t strike when we’re sitting at our desk. They strike when we’re out in the world living our lives. If you don’t have a system for capturing, organizing, and using these pieces then they’ll just go to waste!

In this podcast I share my personal system that helps me catalogue inspiration and insight as it happens so I can sift through it later. You’ll learn:

  • Three apps that make up my complete system (and how I use them)
  • How having all my personal insights in one place helps me make better decisions
  • The exact process I use to capture limiting beliefs

Listen now: 026: Three Apps I Use To Fuel My Success

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025: Timeless success wisdom from a prolific entrepreneur (with John Saddington)

team-johnDo you know what the secret to life is? One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else don’t mean $#!7.

That’s the wisdom Curly passes on in the movie City Slickers, and it’s the wisdom so many of us feel like we’re chasing.

We want to find the one thing that’s going to make us happy. We want to find the one thing that will transform us into a success story. We want to find the one thing that will make our business soar.

We look at guys like John Saddington (our guest on the show today) and think, “Wow, John’s got it all figured out. John found his one thing.”

After all, John was the youngest executive in the history of a Fortune 50 company. He holds two masters degrees. He’s started and successfully exited numerous software startups. All this and he’s in his early thirties, so he must have found his “one thing,” right?

Wrong. In fact, I was shocked when John told me, “I have no f-ing idea what I want to do with my life.”

In John’s eyes his story is just beginning. He may have some skins on the wall, but he knows there is still so much to learn and so far to go before he could ever consider himself experienced.

Starting and selling a successful business is just a single bullet point in the story John is creating with his life. That’s a powerful reminder for what we’re all really after – stories, not ‘w’s.

I’m thrilled to have John share that wisdom and so much more in our session today.

John shares with us:
- The moment when he realized what was really important in life.
- The powerful limiting belief he had to overcome to become a successful entrepreneur.
- Priceless advice for getting your next business idea off on the right foot.

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024: The real reason your goals didn’t work

People have long said that goals are the most basic building block for success. Without goals you’re just a ship without a rudder.

But there’s more to the story, and if you just jump in and start setting goals you’re going to set yourself up for disappointment.

I’ve done this myself, it’s how I know the feeling of teeing up a big audacious goal and striking out. It’s enough to make you give up on goal setting altogether!

Which is what a lot of people did.

A couple years back there was a big “no goals” movement amongst personal development blogs. Some really successful people came out and said, “Goal setting isn’t the way to achievement anymore.”

Scores of people followed suit and renounced goal setting as an effective achievement method. While I wasn’t one of them myself, I eventually experimented with a “no goals” year (albeit inadvertently).

What I learned during that year and the year following (where I course corrected) is what I want to share with you today.

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023: Bringing Your Vision To Life (with James Woosley)

?????????????If I just had the resources Jon has then I’d be succeeding. If I had the fans that Cliff had then I could make it work. If people

It’s easy to put other people on a pedestal who are farther down the road from you. Their advantages are clear, their efforts are fruitful.

But none of that will get you where you need to go (probably not news to you is it).

James Woosley has been there just like me, just like you, and just like everyone else who goes down the road of building their own thing. Only James has one big difference that sets him apart – he’s learned how to execute in the face of those challenges.

At the most fundamental level James’s gift is helping people bring their visions to life. James can see the picture in your mind and help you plot the path on the map that will get you there.

In today’s session James talks about some of the key pieces to getting this to work, and he also shares some really great personal insights about his own journey putting these pieces together.

Listen to this interview to learn:
- Why James’s coach called him the biggest underachiever ever, and what James did about it.
- The tools that James put in place so he could discover his best work.
- Why 80% of the journey is looking inward, not outward.

Listen now: 023: Bringing Your Vision To Life (with James Woosley)

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