032: Why it’s okay to suck at your calling

Have you ever seen someone work at their craft and awesomeness just pours out of them? It’s fun to watch, right?

Now what if the craft they were amazing at was the exact thing you wish you could be doing?

That feels a little different doesn’t it.

Instead of being in awe of the artist, now it feels more like discouragement you’ll never be that good. And if you can’t be as good as ____, then what’s the use.

If you’ve ever felt like that, then I want to pass along some wisdom that will change everything for you. I know because that’s exactly what it did for me.

In today’s session you’ll learn:

  • Why you should expect, even hope, to be awful at your next endeavor.
  • The advice Jon Acuff gave me that changed everything.
  • How I’m living this out even as I record this session (an unexpected surprise).

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031: Finding your way to success in business and life (with Corbett Barr)

CorbettBarrWhen you stray off the path into the thick, wild jungle things get really tough really fast. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to move just a few feet at times, and there’s the constant question of whether you’re even heading in the right direction.

That’s what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

Many of us turn back after just a little time in the jungle and never make the progress we dreamed of.

Whether your jungle is starting your own business, launching a new product, or trying anything new, Corbett Barr has some awesome wisdom to share with us to help you power through that transition.

Corbett shares with us:

  • The challenges of making the jump from corporate world to entrepreneur
  • What he did after his startup failed that led straight to what he’s doing now
  • The mindset that fueled it all

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030: What I’ve learned helping 1,000+ people pursue self-employment (with Kevin Miller)

kevin-millerI have too many responsibilities to chase my dream. I have to put food on the table. I have to keep the lights.

My only real option is to just keep going on the path that I’m on (even if I don’t love it).

Have you ever thought something like that? I know I have.

I’m fired up to have Kevin Miller on the show today who’s filled with incredible wisdom from battling, and winning, these same questions with over a thousand other business owners.

Kevin shares:

  • the often overlooked aspect of self-employment that holds people back (including himself)
  • the most important thing his dad, Dan Miller, taught him growing up
  • why finding fulfilling work is a responsibility, not a luxury

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029: You don’t have to be the smartest, you just need THIS… (with Jordan Harbinger)

the-art-of-charmAsking one simple question completely changed the trajectory of Jordan Harbingers life.

When Jordan was just an intern still attending law school he went to coffee with the top partner at his law firm. This particular lawyer had a reputation for never being in the office. But despite spending all his time playing golf and schmoozing clients, he still somehow made more money than all the other partners.

Jordan couldn’t resist the urge to find out what made this guy so special that he could make his own rules. So he asks him flat out:

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028: The Power of Story – how to craft an amazing adventure for yourself

It’s funny how the things we most crave are the things that hold us back the most.

It’s like that with almost everything if you think about it. We crave chocolate, but want to lose weight. We want to be a sports star, but prefer to sit on the couch.

And we want to live an amazing story, but we’re making all the wrong choices.

I know. I’ve been there. In fact it’s still something I fight every day. But now that I know the basics of what makes a story worth living I’m able to write better stories with my life. As a result I’m able to live more inspired, more fulfilled, and more free than ever.

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027: Making the leap from Corporate America to online entrepreneur (with Caleb Wojcik)

Jen_Wojcik_Photography-26 smallerCaleb was on the fast track to success.

He dedicated his collegiate career to building a glowing resume complete with internships, grades, and extracurricular involvement. He parlayed that momentum into a secure job at a multinational American company (Boeing). From there he worked hard to earn his MBA on the side.

All signs point straight to the top for Caleb.

But then the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008. For the next three years Caleb watched his secure company lay perfectly good people off from jobs they depended on.

Suddenly even his MBA didn’t make him feel secure about the ladder he was climbing (or the building it was leaning on).

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