Back (soon) From An Adventure!

Funny thing about living a Life Stoked, it often doesn’t leave time to write about it! The past few months I’ve been trying my hand at creating a software startup from scratch. It’s been an amazing journey (roller coaster more like it)!

I rediscovered what it means to truly put yourself out there, and struggled through a lot of personal battles between the starting line and where I am now. It was in the truest spirit of living a Life Stoked I set out on that adventure, and although it’s been trying and torturous at times, I’m very grateful for it.

Lately I’ve missed the Life Stoked blog a lot though, and so I’m planning on returning to regular posting soon (once I reach a good milestone on my software startup).

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

– Deacon

PS: Have you gone ‘all in’ on a dream before? How’d it turn out?

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  • George DeJohn

    LifeStoked is back! Can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been up to!

  • Susan Lawrenz

    Miss your posts! Can’t wait to hear about this adventure!

    • Deacon Bradley

      Thanks Susan! I can’t wait to share more (Probably about a week out from that). I’ve been trying some new stuff that’s really shaken things up.