023: Bringing Your Vision To Life (with James Woosley)

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It’s easy to put other people on a pedestal who are farther down the road from you. Their advantages are clear, their efforts are fruitful.

But none of that will get you where you need to go (probably not news to you is it).

James Woosley has been there just like me, just like you, and just like everyone else who goes down the road of building their own thing. Only James has one big difference that sets him apart – he’s learned how to execute in the face of those challenges.

At the most fundamental level James’s gift is helping people bring their visions to life. James can see the picture in your mind and help you plot the path on the map that will get you there.

In today’s session James talks about some of the key pieces to getting this to work, and he also shares some really great personal insights about his own journey putting these pieces together.

Listen to this interview to learn:
– Why James’s coach called him the biggest underachiever ever, and what James did about it.
– The tools that James put in place so he could discover his best work.
– Why 80% of the journey is looking inward, not outward.

Listen now: 023: Bringing Your Vision To Life (with James Woosley)

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Rapid Fire Questions

One thing holding James back:
Procrastination and fear of failure.

One thing James gave up to start making better progress:
Watching TV. He still watches TV, but not nearly as much as he used to.

One characteristic that makes James a high performer:
James has a commitment to excellence and takes action consistently.

On habit that helps James continue to be a high performer:
James makes a plan, clearly sees the details that make it work, and then takes the actions that bring that plan to life.

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  • James Woosley

    Wow, this write up makes me sound like a rock star or a superhero! Can’t wait to listen and learn from myself! Thanks for having me on the show. Proud to see all the progress you’ve made since we first met.

    • Deacon Bradley

      I learned a TON James (I’ve listened 3 times already while writing it up, hah). Loving the resources you created for Life Stoked Nation too – THANKS!