024: The real reason your goals didn’t work

People have long said that goals are the most basic building block for success. Without goals you’re just a ship without a rudder.

But there’s more to the story, and if you just jump in and start setting goals you’re going to set yourself up for disappointment.

I’ve done this myself, it’s how I know the feeling of teeing up a big audacious goal and striking out. It’s enough to make you give up on goal setting altogether!

Which is what a lot of people did.

A couple years back there was a big “no goals” movement amongst personal development blogs. Some really successful people came out and said, “Goal setting isn’t the way to achievement anymore.”

Scores of people followed suit and renounced goal setting as an effective achievement method. While I wasn’t one of them myself, I eventually experimented with a “no goals” year (albeit inadvertently).

What I learned during that year and the year following (where I course corrected) is what I want to share with you today.

Too many people have given up goals because they didn’t hit a home run in their first at bat. Too many people have decided that goals don’t work because they let themselves down.

Goals aren’t the problem, it’s the foundation the goals were built on that’s the problem.

Listen to this session to hear:
– The real reason behind the “no goals” movement
– Why you need to build your goals on a dream and a vision to succeed
– How this all fits into the bigger achievement picture.

Listen now: 024: The real reason your goals didn’t work

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  • Bill Gates

    Big fan, Deacon! Dude, I’m a dreamer (and a goal person)… and I’m proud of it :) Notebooks and notebooks filled with dreams, ideas, concepts… One of my big things “holding me back” is figuring out which one to focus on and pursue… what thoughts do you have on that? I’m sure others have similar questions, too

    • Deacon Bradley

      Man that’s a tough one Bill, and a place that holds a ton of people back (including myself). Really I should do a whole show on this (just added it to my list, thanks!), but here’s my quick thoughts:
      WHAT you choose to work on and pursue is not nearly as important as HOW QUICKLY you get going. Three months of focused experience trumps three months of indecision every single time. If you get into a project and it doesn’t feel right – awesome! Now you have some concrete evidence to shut it down and move on.
      The biggest key though is to focus on one thing at a time and work it as hard as you can. The tendency is to dabble in several different projects and never really get answers or feedback from any of them.
      Oh, and you’ve got to listen to session 25 with John Saddington (comes out tomorrow morning). He’s done a TON of different things and still considers himself to have no idea what to do with his life, hah. That just to say, get comfortable with it :).